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Content Guidelines:

1. Posts should be at least 500 words and can contain images and hyperlinks relevant to the topic.

2. Posts cannot be promotional.

3. Author bios can be included but please edit this in your account settings, do not add your bio to the actual post.

4. Posts should be created in a ‘ready to publish’ condition, as unfinished posts may require editing from our editorial team.

5. If you submit a post it is your responsibility to check back to see if it has been published, or if any changes have been made.

6. All contributors must produce 100% unique and original content, with absolutely no plagiarism.

7. Content must be relevant to digital marketing.

8. Remember to select the relevant category of your post before submitting.

Linking Guidelines:

1. Do not include any more than 3 links to any domain.

2. Please avoid repeating links and using exact anchor texts.

3. Links that we feel are irrelevant to the content will be removed or set to no-follow.

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